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Learn more about a preferred accounting firm in Miami, FL, also servicing Naples, FL

If you're looking for an accounting firm in the Miami, FL area or Naples, FL area, you've come to the right place. The lead accountant at Saunders Accounting Firm has been practicing for decades, and he has the credentials to back up everything he does. Geno Saunders obtained a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Alabama in 1995 and went on to pass the CPA exam for the state of Virginia that same year.

Fast forward to 2006, and Mr. Saunders started his own accounting firm to better serve his local community. Thanks to years of experience and a strong educational background, he is able to offer expert accounting services.

How did we get where we are today?

How did we get where we are today?

When looking for an accountant, it helps to learn more about potential candidates' backgrounds. Here's a rundown of our founder's history:

  • Practiced in Virginia for two years starting in 1995
  • Worked as a partner in a Miami law firm from 1997-2006
  • Started his own accounting firm in 2006
  • Took a position as the CFO for two different companies while running this business from 2006-2014
  • Devoted his full attention to this business from 2014-present

Mr. Sanders works hard to provide his clients with the best service possible. Contact us today to learn how he can help you.